About Us

Wodthreads was founded in 2012 by Derek Fiscus. It’s now a family business where his wife, Melanie, serves as CFO – (Chief Fun Officer), and their 2 young sons tag along as event roadies.
Derek doesn’t just do CrossFit, his life was saved by CrossFit (http://www.qccrossfit.com/2012/05/21/derek-fiscus-video-click-here/). He fell in love with the community, the high level of competitive spirit and functional fitness it brought to his life.
Wodthreads is an apparel company where the CrossFit community is understood, represented and celebrated with unique, fun, inspirational and humorous designs (not to mention great fitting clothes). Customers can shop online at Wodthreads.com, and receive affiliate support with box/gym specific designs and gear. Wodthreads plays a major role in Midwestern events, being part of the QCCF Urban Street Games, The MAT Games, Battle for Courage #ogarstrong, and Field of Teams to name a few.